Accueil / Blog / 6 trends that will convert your terrace into an oasis for the summer of 2023

Summer is fast approaching and along with it the desire to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. If you have a terrace, now is the perfect time to decorate it and turn it into a pleasant place to spend time with your family and friends. Below are the patio decorating trends for summer 2023.

1. Bright colours

Summer is all about bright, vibrant colours. For your terrace, you can pick cushions, tablecloths or curtains in bold colours like pink, orange or yellow. These colors will make your terrace look cheerful and warm..

2. Plants

Plants are a must to bring your terrace to life. Besides bringing freshness and color, they also purify the air. For summer 2023, hanging plants are very trendy. Install hanging pots on your walls or ceiling beams for a bohemian effect.

3. Rattan furniture

Rattan is a natural product that matches perfectly with summer. Rattan furniture is very trendy for summer 2023. You can pick a rattan sofa, chairs or coffee table to set a cozy and relaxing mood on your terrace.

4. Lights

Lighting fixtures are a key element in adding character to your terrace. For summer 2023, hanging lights are really trendy. You can install string lights on your walls or around your sunshade for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

5. Fabrics

Fabrics are a must to bring softness and coziness to your deck. For summer 2023, thick fabric cushions are very much on trend. You can also go for outdoor rugs made of natural fibers to provide a bohemian touch to your terrace.

6. Decorative accessories

Decorative accessories are those small details that will add to your deck. For summer 2023, rattan mirrors are very fashionable. They will bring a unique and bohemian touch to your terrace. You can also pick up some macramé hangers for a bohemian chic effect.

Finally, this summer, terraces will be dressed in bright colours, hanging plants, rattan furniture, unique lights, thick fabrics and small decorative accessories. Thanks to these decoration trends, your terrace will become a real haven of peace where life will be enjoyable all summer long.

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